Why join Alliance?

 We help you to grow and improve

You have worked hard and built up a practice you are justifiably proud of. Now you are ready to reap some of the rewards – perhaps work a little less, enjoy life a little more. And why not? You’ve earned it! At Alliance our mission is to help you continue to grow and improve whilst giving you the freedom to reduce your responsibility and financial risk.

Continuing education

All our dentists are passionate about what they do and we are equally invested in encouraging them to view dentistry as a lifelong educational journey. Technologies develop rapidly, and science is constantly advancing. We therefore offer regular courses and study groups to our clinicians, because we feel strongly that any partner of Alliance should always be at the forefront of modern dentistry. Ultimately, this enables you to offer patients the very latest treatments and techniques available and a wider range of treatment options.

Quality assurance

You’re understandably concerned about securing continuity of care for your patients. And frankly, if you weren’t then you wouldn’t be the kind of dentist we’d want on board! Rest assured that we’re committed to not only continuing the same high standard of care for each and every one of your patients, but we aim to go even further by improving the quantity and quality of treatments available to them.

Dental excellence

Our growth has proceeded without compromising on our core values of care and quality.  At Alliance, we believe in a harmony  between your goals and ours. If you have passion and drive, we would love to have you as part of our team.

Seamless transition

Continuity of care for your patients when selling a practice is vitally important. We shall work with you to understand the nature of what makes your particular practice so valued by your patients. Having a continuity of style from one owner to the next is key in ensuring patient confidence is retained.

What our dentists say