Selling your dental practice

We help you make the process seamless

Thinking of selling up?

As you progress through your career, your circumstances and ambitions evolve and you may decide that selling your practice is the next logical step towards reaching your goals.

A desire to sell but continue to practise free of pressures and responsibilities from administration and ownership
An opportunity to add a partner/associate into the business who can bring new ideas and perhaps, in time, take over the practice
Reaching the age of retirement
Wanting to gain financial freedom and realise the financial value in your practice
The need for a healthier work/life balance
Financial security

So how can we help?

Whatever your motivation to sell your dental practice, you will want to ensure a smooth and seamless transition when having to deal with the process, so how can we help make sure this happens?

Simple – we take away the headaches involved in the process.

We can facilitate the legal and financial elements
Our collaboration will help your practice stand out from the crowd and help preserve your legacy
Our continued professional development will help your staff reach their full potential, reinforcing team confidence
Our investment in technology will help elevate your practice’s profile and expand your offerings
You can bring the benefits of your knowledge and experience without having the stresses and strains of running a business

What should you be doing to prepare?

Whatever stage of practice life you are at, it is never too soon to consider your future and start thinking about building value into your practice prior to any future sale.

Plan in advance

There is an old maxim that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’ and planning the transition of a practice sale is no exception. Take the time to consult with experts who can help you prepare detailed financials and reports on staff, premises and equipment costings.

Make it profitable

Build as much value into your practice prior to sale as possible by improving the décor, marketing effectively to new patients, having a fit-for-purpose website and being active on social media. Showing the financial stability and revenue streams of the practice can help increase the value too.


Your staff are valuable assets when it comes to the success of your practice, so it is vital to keep them informed about your plans to sell and minimise disruption through fears about their future. A happy team is an important part of any successful transition.

Work with experts

Finding the right buyer is crucial to the legacy of your business and your stress-levels. With our experience in buying and managing multiple practices, we will help guide you through the process and ensure that the result is a better experience for patients and a better work/life balance for you.